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Workshop Abstracts

Name of Session:

Session B 1

Perfluorochemicals—Environmental Fate, Toxicity and Human Exposure

Description of Session:

Perfluorochemicals (PFCs) are non-reactive and resistant to degradation. PFCs have been used in manufacturing non-stick surfaces for cookware, stain repellents, grease-resistant paper coatings, and fire-fighting foams. Many of these chemicals, including the 8-carbon octanoic acid (PFOA) and octane sulfonate (PFOS), are mobile and long-lasting in the environment. They have long half-lives in humans and animals, and PFOS has been detected in various animals throughout the world. Elevated levels of PFOA have been seen in blood of residents near a chemical manufacturing facility. This session will describe: 1) toxic effects and development of health-based criteria for human exposures to PFOA and PFOS; 2) migration of PFCs into groundwater, surface water and sediments and contamination of drinking water with PFOA, PFOS and shorter length PFCs; 3) accumulation of PFOS in fish and fish consumption advice; 4) regulation; 5) strategies for removal of PFCs from drinking water; and 6) human health data collected from people exposed to PFOA in drinking water in Ohio and West Virginia.

Presenter(s) E-mail


Rita B. Messing Degrees: PhD

Presenter 1:

Mary Dominiak

Title of Presentation: EPA Regulation and Toxicity Assessment for PFOA

Presenter 2:

James Kelly Degrees: MS

Title of Presentation: Environmental Occurrence and Exposure to PFCs in Minnesota

Presenter 3:

Barbara J. Smith Degrees: MS

Title of Presentation: Human Health Data Related to PFOA Exposure

Presenter 4:

Clement Welsh and John Wheeler Degrees: PhD

Title of Presentation: Discussant: ATSDR perspective.