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Workshop Abstracts

Name of Session:

Session A 7

Faith-Based Initiatives: Engaging Faith Communities as Partners in Improving Community Health

Description of Session:

Inequities that create disparity in the determinants of health for individuals, families, and populations capture the attention of faith organizations and environmental health. There is a growing confluence of faith and health. Many faith communities have ongoing ties with a variety of agencies, suggesting that religious organizations are successfully serving as bridges among various systems. Partnership development is an ongoing activity for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The faith sector, made up of people and organizations of faith, represents the values of the community and is key to addressing many of the social health issues of today. Interventions that seek to modify behaviors or social norms must consider the community values and the underlying influence of faith practices in the community if these interventions are to be effective. It is for this reason that we make these presentations to you today. The goal of today’s presentations is intended to expand understanding and collaboration between faith and health organizations. The individual capacity of organizational sectors is impressive; however, their combined capacity to promote community health is enormous.

Presenter(s) E-mail
Moderator: Rose Glass-Pue, MA
Presenter 1: Rev. Samuel Nixon, Jr, SB, MDiv

Title of Presentation:Effective Engagement of Faith Communities. Faith Communities are a significant partner in advancing sustainable health models across cultures, as exemplified by Lott Carey, for 100 years.
Presenter 2: Derrick Hazel, MD, MPH

Title of Presentation: No More Lead Poisoned Kids by 2010

Presenter 3: Rev. Wayne L. Thornhill III, BS, MBA, MDIV, MPA, JD

Title of Presentation: Capacity & Sustainability FBOs can effectively and efficiently build capacity to empower communities, spiritually, economically, educationally and health-wise. Purpose: Equipping for sustainability.

Presenter 4: Wade Norwood, PhD

Title of Presentation:Overcoming Barriers/Building on Milestones in Community Partnership: Collaborators in Changing Health Care Outcomes. African-American clergy and other key leaders develop systemic responses.