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Workshop Abstracts

Name of Session:

Session A2

Health Impact Assessments: Connecting Public Health, Community Design, and the Built Environment

Description of Session

A Health Impact Assessment (HIA) is a powerful multidisciplinary tool that can be used to evaluate the potential health effects of community development projects or policies before they are built or implemented. HIAs can be used to generate recommendations to increase positive health outcomes and minimize adverse health impacts in a community. A major benefit of the HIA process is that it brings public health issues to the attention of persons who make decisions about areas that fall outside traditional public health arenas, such as transportation or land use. HIAs help increase communication between public health officials and other community decision-makers. This panel will explore real-world examples of the benefits and limitations of using HIAs to address community public health and built environment challenges.

Presenter(s) E-mail
Moderator: Andrew L. Dannenberg, MD, MPH
Presenter 1: Andrew L. Dannenberg, MD, MPH

Title of Presentation: Overview of Health Impact Assessment
Presenter 2: Rick Porso, REHS, RS

Title of Presentation: HIA of Tacoma-Pierce County Land Use Planning Process

Presenter 3: Lauren Smith, MD, MPH

Title of Presentation: Impact of Changes in Massachusetts Housing Voucher Eligibility on Child Health

Presenter 4: Melanie Simmons, PhD

Title of Presentation: HIA of North Florida Power Plant Project