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Workshop Abstracts

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Session A 13

Assessing Environmental Health and Safety in Schools

Description of Session

The condition of school facilities plays a critically important role in the learning process. Studies consistently show that the quality of the school environment is directly related to the performance of students and staff. However, ensuring the safety, health, and productivity of children and staff in our school buildings is, for every school district, a multi-faceted and complex undertaking requiring the integration and coordination of multiple disciplines and spheres of responsibility. This panel will discuss two major complementary efforts to significantly improve the ability of school districts to assess and manage conditions in their school facilities. The approach undertaken by the Los Angeles Unified School District to develop an environmental health and safety assessment program and how that program has helped to guide LAUSD's facility modernization efforts for more than 900 existing schools will be described. The panel will also include an overview and brief demonstration of a new, free, software tool developed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to help school districts establish and manage a fully integrated environmental, health, and safety school facility assessment program.

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Moderator: Joyner Sims, PhD

Presenter 1: Angelo Bellomo

Title of Presentation: LAUSDs Health and Safety Assessment Tool

Presenter 2: Bob Axelrad, BA

Title of Presentation: The Healthy School Environments Assessment Tool (HealthySEAT)