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Workshop Abstracts

Name of Session:

Session A 1

Research on Toxic Chemicals in the Great Lakes; Defining Studies to Help Ensure Healthy People in Every Stage of Life: Infants to Adults

Description of Session

The Great Lakes Human Health Effects Research Program is conducting epidemiological studies in vulnerable populations in the U.S. Great Lakes states. These studies are designed to characterize exposure to toxic chemicals in the environment via the diet and to determine the potential health impacts from that exposure. This session will focus on Healthy People in Every Stage of Life from Infants to Adults. For infants: (1) increase the number of infants and toddlers having strong healthy and safe lives, ages 0–3, (2) increase the number of children ready to learn, ages 4–11, and (3) increase the number of adolescents to become healthy, independent, and productive members of society, ages 12–19. For adults: (1) increase the number of adults who are healthy and able to participate fully in life activities and enter their later years with optimum health, ages 20–49, (2) increase the number of older adults who live longer, high-quality, productive, and independent lives, older adults, ages 50 and over. This session will describe various studies in these age categories and indicate how exposure to toxic chemicals can impair the health status of each life stage, thus adversely impacting the health of people.

Presenter(s) E-mail

Moderator: Heraline E. Hicks, MS, PhD E-mail Address:

Presenter 1: Paul Stewart, PhD Title of Presentation: PCBs, Mercury and Lead Evidence for a Triple Insult to Impulse Control in Children E-mail Address:

Presenter 2: Susan Schantz, PhD

Title of Presentation: Impact of Contaminants in Fish on the Neuropsychological Function of Adolescents and Adults: A Study of Hmong Immigrants

Presenter 3: Joseph Mc Graw, MS, PhD

Title of Presentation: Determinants of Organochlorines in a Cohort of Pregnant African-American Women in Chicago

Presente 4: Wilfred Karmaus, MD, MPH

Title of Presentation: The Michigan Fisheater Study: Parental Exposure and Effects in Offspring from Genes to Endocrine Disruption

Presenter 5: Edward Fitzgerald, PhD

Title of Presentation: PCBs and Health: The Hudson River Communities Study