Acknowledgments List

  • CDC/NCEH/ATSDR Leadership – Pamela Protzel Berman, William Cibulas
  • CDC/ATSDR Internal Steering Committee – Johnni Daniel, Vivi Siegel, Nicole F. Dowling, Elizabeth Irvin, Jessica Rinsky, Sophia Chiu, Doug Trout, Tegan K. Boehmer
  • Geospatial Research Team – Caitlin Mertzlufft, Angela Werner, Liora Sahar, Marissa Grossman, Brian Lewis, D. Aaron Vinson, Frank Curriero, Trieste Musial, Michel Conn, Amir Mirsajedin
  • ORISE Fellows – Lauren Byrne, Diana Diaz
  • Communications and Web Team – Traci Augustosky, Preston Burt, Sarah Segerlind, Teresa M. Sims, Renee Leach, Kristen Dortch
  • All those who provided input to the guideline revisions including NCEH/ATSDR Board of Scientific Counselors (sunset); Trevor Schaefer, Charlie Smith, and other stakeholder meeting participants and community members; STLT health officials; CSTE; ASTHO/SEHD; and the participants of the Expert Panel Forum.