State Public Health Actions (1305) (2013-2018)

CDC’s State Public Health Actions to Prevent and Control Diabetes, Heart Disease, Obesity and Associated Risk Factors and Promote School Health

The State Public Health Actions to Prevent and Control Diabetes, Heart Disease, Obesity and Associated Risk Factors and Promote School Health (State Public Health Actions) grant was a multifaceted initiative to improve health for all Americans through coordinated chronic disease prevention programs. The State Public Health Actions grant funded statewide initiatives to prevent, manage, and reduce the risk factors associated with chronic diseases—including childhood and adult obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.

To maximize efficiency, states engaged in cross-cutting activities that capitalized on similarities of these chronic diseases and many of the methods to prevent and/or control them. Work areas included implementing environmental approaches to support healthful behaviors, health system interventions to improve effective delivery of care, community-clinical linkages to support prevention and management of high blood pressure and diabetes, and collecting and analyzing data to guide work.

Basic component

State Public Health Actions was a national program that provided a base level of funding to all 50 states and DC to focus on underlying strategies that addressed all of these diseases. All states were required to put key strategies into action in their states including the following DNPAO priority strategies:

  • Promote the adoption of food service guidelines and nutrition standards, which include sodium.
  • Promote the adoption of physical activity in early child care centers, schools, and work sites.
Enhanced component

Additional resources were provided to 32 states to enable more intensive interventions and greater health outcomes for these chronic conditions including the following DNPAO priority strategies:

  • Increase access to healthy foods and beverages.
  • Increase physical activity access and outreach.
  • Increase access to breastfeeding friendly environments.

Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity’s (DNPAO) Implementation Guidance and Resources for Cooperative Agreement CDC-RFA-DP14-1416, Programs to Reduce Obesity in High Obesity Areas [PDF-986KB]

This document contains guidance to help implement recommended strategies for the Programs to Reduce Obesity in High Obesity Areas. For each strategy and corresponding interventions, there is background information, suggested activities and implementation guidance. The guidance provided is not intended to be comprehensive.

List of State Public Health Action awardees by state, fiscal year 2017 funding amounts, state profiles, principal investigator names and email addresses.
State FY2017 Funding Amount State Profile Principal Investigator Email Address
Alabama $140,416 [PDF-831KB] James McVay
Alaska $117,051 [PDF-1.47MB] Kathy Allely
Arizona $428,567 [PDF-2.30MB] Sheila Sjolander
Arkansas $415,125 [PDF-1.90MB] Alysia Cover
California $596,691 [PDF-1.04MB] Caroline Peck
Colorado $409,272 [PDF-2.64MB] Gabriel Kaplan
Connecticut $373,956 [PDF-1.70MB] Mehul Dalal
Delaware $117,247 [PDF-646KB] Fred Gatto
District of Columbia $139,352 [PDF-3.32MB] Robin Diggs Outlaw
Florida $527,149 [PDF-692KB] Darcy Abbott
Georgia $147,932 [PDF-1.71MB] Jean O’Conner
Hawaii $117,718 [PDF-1.56MB] Lola Irvin
Idaho $369,027 [PDF-3.84MB] Sonja Schriever
Illinois $129,305 [PDF-2.59MB] Conny Mueller Moody
Indiana $435,127 [PDF-837KB] Laura Heinrich
Iowa $373,433 [PDF-702KB] Jill Myers-Geadelmann
Kansas $383,823 [PDF-734KB] Paula Clayton
Kentucky $410,455 [PDF-5.09MB] Connie White
Louisiana $143,119 [PDF-764KB] Caroline Brazeel
Maine $376,977 [PDF-837KB] Debra Wigand
Maryland $418,557 [PDF-655KB] Donald Shell
Massachusetts $419,323 [PDF-3.28MB] Lea Susan Ojamaa
Michigan $486,769 [PDF-686KB] Teri Scorcia Wilson
Minnesota $418,070 [PDF-3.71MB] Mary Manning
Mississippi $417,318 [PDF-680KB] Victor Sutton
Missouri $429,325 [PDF-1.83MB] Belinda Heimericks
Montana $381,936 [PDF-5.79MB] Todd Harwell
Nebraska $372,205 [PDF-2.64MB] Kay Wenzl
Nevada $119,077 [PDF-3.285MB] Richard Whitley
New Hampshire $117,661 [PDF-2.87MB] Jose Montero
New Jersey $463,910 [PDF-1.91MB] Melita Jordan
New Mexico $141,780 [PDF-3.77MB] David Vigil
New York $527,051 [PDF-2.46MB] Patricia Waniewski
North Carolina $500,104 [PDF-3.08MB] Cathy Thomas
North Dakota $117,022 [PDF-2.76MB] Karalee Harper
Ohio $127,970 [PDF-2.06MB] Barbara Pryor
Oklahoma $120,153 [PDF-3.77MB] Jon Lowry
Oregon $379,542 [PDF-4.12MB] Karen Girard
Pennsylvania $515,491 [PDF-2.32MB] Tiffany Bransteitter
Rhode Island $376,698 [PDF-2.25MB] Ana Novais
South Carolina $452,753 [PDF-2.68MB] Joseph Kyle
South Dakota $117,763 [PDF-2.77MB] Linda Ahrendt
Tennessee $454,329 [PDF-6.30MB] Melissa Blair
Texas $162,980 [PDF-3.94MB] Patty Moore
Utah $373,184 [PDF-1.91MB] Nicole Bissonette
Vermont $116,963 [PDF-2.59MB] Robin Edelman
Virginia $463,180 [PDF-4.41MB] Letha Fisher
Washington $467,195 [PDF-2.61MB] Pama Joyner
West Virginia $137,797 [PDF-2.23MB] Joe Barker
Wisconsin $423,732 [PDF-3.29MB] Timothy Corden
Wyoming $116,904 [PDF-2.45MB] Randel Hotle
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