Partner Funding (FY 2022)

CDC’s Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity (DNPAO) works with partners to create and sustain mutually beneficial strategic relationships that promote healthy eating and active living for Americans of all ages. Through these collaborations, CDC and our partners accomplish more than any individual, organization, or institution can by working alone. One way DNPAO supports partners is by providing funding to partners through CDC’s Center for State, Tribal, Local, and Territorial Support (CSTLTS) cooperative agreements to carry out strategies and activities that support healthy eating, active living, and obesity prevention.

Partner Funding for FY 2019
CDC Recipient Activities
American Academy of Pediatrics Promotes infant and toddler nutrition by working with physician and pediatric providers and provides training focused on early child feeding from birth to 2 years.
America Walks Fosters a national walking movement by increasing the ability of community members, non-governmental organizations, state and local health departments, and partner agencies to work together to improve walkability and increase walking.
Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum Addresses health disparities in community health programming for Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders by providing technical assistance and training for CDC’s program recipients on specific ethnic and cultural needs.
Association of Maternal and Child Health Programs Provides state-level support for maternal health and early child feeding to improve the development of best practices and the implementation of evidence-based programs and services related to early child feeding.
Association of State Public Health Nutrition Directors Provides national leadership and infrastructure support to public health nutritionists in state, local, and territorial public health agencies; breastfeeding coalitions; and national organizations to increase access to breastfeeding support and decrease disparities in breastfeeding outcomes.

Connects public health nutritionists and physical activity practitioners through technical assistance and training on CDC’s priority strategies to CDC program recipients and unfunded partners.

Improves nutrition environments of early care and education settings by bringing together a group of states or localities to focus on one-year action plans to improve nutrition environments.

Provides technical assistance to 14 High Obesity Program recipients receiving supplementary farm to school funding.

Association of State and Territorial Health Officials Supports breastfeeding by providing technical assistance to selected state and territorial health agencies to increase their ability to carry out evidence-based breastfeeding programs, practices, and services.
National Association of Chronic Disease Directors Supports the growth of walkability action institutes across the country to carry out policy, system, and environmental supports for walking and other forms of active living.

Works with the Department of Defense’s Building Healthy Military Communities Project to connect military communities in pilot states with local- and state-level support to prevent chronic disease associated with poor nutrition, lack of physical activity, obesity, and tobacco use.

Works to build sustainable programming into existing efforts and address COVID-19 in up to 5 communities per state focusing on populations at high risk for chronic disease and COVID impact.*

National Association for City and County Health Officials Lowers breastfeeding disparities by strengthening the ability of local health departments to carry out policy, system, and environmental changes to support breastfeeding in predominantly African-American and underserved communities. This includes providing technical assistance to CDC’s Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health program recipients.

Supports the development of action plans to increase the availability of healthy food in up to five municipalities through the Food Service Guidelines Local Action Institute.

National Association of Community Health Centers Improves capacity and support for community health centers to provide family healthy weight programs.
Nemours Children’s Health Systems Improves obesity prevention efforts in the early care and education setting as well as a training and technical assistance network for physical activity.
Prevention Institute Strengthens local coalitions to reduce health disparities related to nutrition, physical activity, and obesity prevention.
Public Health Institute Promotes innovative public health leadership training and development to address racial and ethnic disparities.
Smart Growth America Supports Complete Streets connections to activity-friendly destinations by helping transportation professionals and decision makers nationwide use best practices to design transportation networks for users of all abilities.
Society of Public Health Education Carries out state and local public health strategies to improve nutrition and physical activity by helping CDC program recipients develop and share culturally-sensitive health education materials.

Supports the regular collection of key actions and accomplishments to highlight the work of CDC program recipients.

Task Force for Global Health Links researchers, program analysts, and specialists through the Childhood Obesity Data Initiative to better understand how well child obesity prevention and treatment strategies work.
Y-USA Supports national efforts to create healthier communities by increasing the number of state alliances of YMCAs working to create active communities.

Improves how to develop best practices and carry out programs and services shown to work to improve clinical and community linkages.

* This project is funded through CSTLTS but with COVID-19 dollars.

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