Five Sectors of CHANGE Tool

For each sector, this tool includes specific questions to be answered in the areas of demographics, physical activity, nutrition, tobacco, chronic disease management, and leadership. In addition, the school sector includes questions related to the school district and after-school program.

  • Community-At-Large Sector Cdc-pdf[PDF-157KB] includes communitywide efforts that impact the social and built environments, such as improving food accesss, walkability or bikeability, tobacco use and exposure, or personal safety.
  • Community Institution/Organization (CIO) Sector Cdc-pdf[PDF-157KB] includes entities within the community that provide a broad range of human services and access to facilities, such as childcare settings, faith-based organizations, senior centers, boys and girls clubs, YMCAs, and colleges or universities.
  • Health Care Sector Cdc-pdf[PDF-148KB] includes places where people go to receive preventive care or treatment, or emergency health care services, such as hospitals, private doctors’ offices, and community clinics.
  • School Sector Cdc-pdf[PDF-241KB] includes all primary and secondary learning institutions (e.g., elementary, middle, and high schools, whether private, public, or parochial).
  • Work Site Sector Cdc-pdf[PDF-152KB] includes places of employment, such as private offices, restaurants, retail establishments, and government offices.