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Key Findings

Occurrence Rates of von Willebrand Disease Among People Receiving Care in Specialized Treatment Centres in the United States
(Published: April 13, 2021)

Higher Rates of Bleeding and Use of Treatment Products Found Among Young Boys Compared to Girls with VWD
(Published: March 24, 2021)

Recent Articles

Similarity in joint function limitation in Type 3 von Willebrand’s disease and moderate haemophilia A. Haemophilia 19:595–601, 2013.
Sood SL, Cuker A, Wang C, Metjian AD, Chiang EY, Soucie JM, Konkle BA, the HTCN Study Investigators.
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Bleeding symptoms and laboratory correlation in patients with severe von Willebrand disease.
Haemophilia 15:918–925, 2009.
Metjian AD, Wang C, Sood SL, Cuker A, Peterson SM, Soucie JM, Konkle BA, the HTCN Study Investigators.
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Surveillance of female patients with inherited bleeding disorders in United States Haemophilia Treatment Centres. Haemophilia 17 (Suppl. 1):6–13, 2011.
Byams VR, Kouides PA, Kulkarni R, Baker JR, Brown DL, Gill JC, Grant AM, James AH, Konkle BA, Maahs J, Dumas MM, McAlister S, Nance D, Nugent D, Philipp CS, Soucie JM, Stang E, the Hemophilia Treatment Centres Network Investigators.
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The spectrum of haemostatic characteristics of women with unexplained menorrhagia
Haemophilia 17:223-229, 2011
Miller CH, Philipp CS, Stein SF, Kouides PA, Lukes AS, Heit JA, Byams VR, Dowling NF, Kulkarni R.
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Multisite management study of menorrhagia with abnormal laboratory hemostasis: a prospective crossover study of intranasal desmopressin and oral tranexamic acid
British Journal of Haematology 145:212-220, 2009
Kouides P, Byams VR, Phillip CS, Stein SF, Heit JA, Lukes AS, Skerette NI, Dowling NF, Evatt BL, Miller CH, Owens S, Kulkarni R.
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Screening women with menorrhagia for underlying bleeding disorders: the utility of the platelet function analyzer and bleeding time
Haemophilia 11:497-503, 2005
Philipp CS, Miller CH, Faiz A, Dilley A, Michaels LA, Ayers C, Bachmann G, Dowling N, Saidi P.
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Age and the prevalence of bleeding disorders in women with menorrhagia
Obstetrics and Gynecology 105:61-66, 2005
Philipp CS, Faiz A, Dowling N, Dilley A, Michaels LA, Ayers C, Miller CH, Bachmann G, Evatt B, Saidi P.
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Trends in Clinical Management of Women with von Willebrand Disease: A Survey of 75 Women Enrolled in Haemophilia Treatment Centres in the United States
Haemophilia; February 2004; Volume 10; Issue 2, pp. 158-61
Kirtava A, Crudder S, Dilley A, Lally C, Evatt B
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Measurement of von Willebrand Factor Activity: Relative Effects of ABO Blood Type and Race
Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis; October 2003; Volume 1, Issue 10, pp. 2191-2197
Miller CH, Haff E, Platt SJ, Rawlins P, Drews CD, Dilley AB, and Evatt B
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Medical, Reproductive and Psychosocial Experiences of Women Diagnosed with von Willebrand’s Disease Receiving Care in Haemophilia Treatment Centres: A Case-Control Study
Haemophilia April 2003; Volume 9, Issue 3; pp. 292-297
Kirtava A, Drews C, Lally C, Dilley A, Evatt B.
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Screening Questions to Identify Women with von Willebrand Disease
Journal of the American Women’s Medical Association; June 2002; Volume 57, Issue 4, pp. 217-8
Drews CD, Dilley AB, Lally C, Beckman MG, Evatt B
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Changes in von Willebrand Factor and Factor VIII Levels during the Menstrual Cycle
Thrombosis and Haemostasis; June 2002; Volume 87, Issue 6, pp. 1082-3
Miller CH, Dilley AB, Drews CD, Richardson L, Evatt B
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Population Differences in von Willebrand Factor Levels Affect the Diagnosis of von Willebrand Disease in African-American Women
American Journal of Hematology; May 2001; Volume 67, Issue 2
Miller CH, Dilley A, Richardson L, Hooper WC, Evatt B.
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Von Willebrand Disease and Other Inherited Bleeding Disorders in Women with Diagnosed Menorrhagia
Obstetrics and Gynecology April 2001; Volume 97, Issue 4, pp. 630-6
Dilley A, Drews C, Miller CH, Lally C, Austin H, Ramaswamy D, Lurye D, Evatt B
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