Articles About Vitamin K Deficiency Bleeding

The following is a selection of published articles on Vitamin K  from both CDC and non-CDC authors.

Notes from the field: late vitamin K deficiency bleeding in infants whose parents declined vitamin K prophylaxis – Tennessee, 2013
MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep. 2013 November 15; 62(45): 901-902.
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CDC Newsroom Press Release – Thursday, November 14, 2013; CDC finds cluster of newborns in Tennessee with bleeding disorder
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Closing the Loophole:  Midwives and the administration of Vitamin K in neonates
J Pediatr; May 2009; 154(5):769-71.
Adame N, Carpenter SL.
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Vitamin K and childhood cancer: a report from the United Kingdom Childhood Cancer Study
Br J Cancer; October  2003; 89(7): 1228–1231.
Fear NT, Roman E, Ansell P, Simpson J, Day N, Eden OB on behalf of the United Kingdom Childhood Cancer Study Investigators.
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Prevention of vitamin K deficiency bleeding in newborns
Br J Haematol; March 1999; 104(3): 430-7.
Zipursky A.
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