Tourette Fact Check Up

Kids' Quest: Tourette

Are these five statements true or false? Simply fill out your name and today’s date and then check your choices. Then print the page to save your answers.


1. People who have Tourette make unusual movements or sounds called tics.

2. Having Tourette makes people swear or curse all the time.

3. A person can have tics without having Tourette.

4. Tourette is more common among girls than among boys.

5. Tourette is contagious, you can catch it from someone who has it.

6. People who have Tourette might have other conditions that cause them more problems than Tourette.

7. Having a tic is like needing to sneeze – you can sometimes delay it or make it quiet, but most of the time it just happens.

8. With the help of a trained expert and a lot of practice, many people can learn to manage their tics better.