ADHD Fact Check Up

Kids Quest: ADHD

Are these five statements true or false? Simply fill out your name and today’s date and then check your choices. Then print the page to save your answers. 


Which of these children is showing behavior that means they might have ADHD? What makes you think so?

1. Lisa has a difficult time with her friends. She loves to have people come to stay at her house but something always goes wrong. Lisa’s friends get angry when she interrupts them and doesn’t take turns when they are playing. Lisa sometimes calls her friends bad names and tells them they are stupid. She lets her friends start to watch a video but then she gets bored and turns off the TV. Sleepovers just never work out for Lisa.

2. Tommy loves school. He likes science best. He loves to do experiments that take careful observation over several days. He carefully records his observations with pictures and notes.

3. Andy loves to play ball and to run around outside with his friends. He likes to watch football, baseball, and other sports. He has a hard time sitting still, he often squirms and fidgets when he is watching sports and is unable to stay seated during the games on TV.

4. Maggie loves to help her mother in the kitchen. She likes to help with the baking and creating new cookies. Maggie likes it when her grandmother shows her new ways to do things in the kitchen. She completes her baking tasks but has to be reminded to clean up after she is finished.

5. Robert is very shy and seems to daydream in class at school. The teacher has to remind Robert to pay attention when she calls on him to answer a question. Robert constantly forgets his homework and has to stay after school to get his work done.