Training & Education on Hemophilia

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Introduction to Hemophilia Care

Course overview

This course is designed to enhance hemophilia patient care by increasing the knowledge and skill of providers who are new to hemophilia treatment. The course is intended to serve as a foundation to build additional skills through continuing education and clinical practice.

Course Goal

This course will help hemophilia treatment center staff to promote a family-centered approach in the diagnosis, assessment, and management of hemophilia and in addressing potential complications from hemophilia and its treatment.

Course Objectives

By taking this course, you will learn how to

  • Recognize elements of hemophilia patient diagnosis
  • Determine proper treatment options to prevent and treat bleeding episodes
  • Identify potential complications associated with hemophilia
  • Recognize the psychosocial issues that might arise with patients and their family members, as a result of hemophilia

Target Audience

Health care providers with an interest in hemophilia care

Prerequisite Skills and Knowledge

A basic knowledge of a discipline of study related to health care




1 hour

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