Review – Psychosocial Implications

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1. What are three potential parental responses to the diagnosis of a child with hemophilia?

Potential parental responses include guilt, denial, anger, shock, and disbelief.

2. List two common concerns for parents, adolescents, and adults.

Parents: safety, independence, treatment, and financial issues

Adolescents: treatment issues, independence, risk-taking, school, sports, career planning, and disclosure to friends, dating

Adults: HIV, marriage and relationships, family planning, career, financial and insurance mobility, sexuality, increased disability, and death and dying

3. What are the potential financial implications for an adult with hemophilia?

  • Loss of employment due to illness
  • Increasing catastrophic medical costs
  • Lack of adequate insurance
  • Missed work days due to illness, or medical care

4. How can hemophilia have an effect on family planning decisions?

Career status, risk of HIV or Hepatitis B transmission