Adjunct Measures to Help Stop Bleeding

While factor replacement is the single most important part of treatment, additional measures can contribute to hemostasis and promote recovery.


Mouth or Dental Surgery

Antifibrinolytic agents such as epsilon amino caproic acid (EACA; Amicar®) can help prevent clot lysis in the mouth. Additional measures include a soft diet and avoidance of straws, bottles, metal utensils, and pacifiers if possible. Occassionally, other topical preparation can be helpful in promotion of a firm clot.


Surface Cuts and Nosebleeds

To treat surface cuts and nosebleeds:

         Apply pressure.

         Use first aid.

         Newer, over-the-counter preparations, such as "Nosebleed QR™", and salt pork can be helpful.


Joint and Muscle Bleeding

Use the RICE method to treat joint and muscle bleeding. Rest or immobilize the affected area by applying posterior splints or use slings, crutches, or both for 48 hours or until signs and symptoms resolve. Apply ice to promote comfort and help minimize swelling. Do not compromise immobilization for ice application. Compress the area; use of ACE®wraps is contraindicated among patients with suspected compartment syndrome. Finally, elevate the affected limb to promote comfort.