Bleeding Episodes: Review 2

Dr. Nathan at his desk

It’s important that you understand the how and why behind managing bleeding episodes. Let’s review by answering a few questions related to what you’ve just learned.

Type your response to each question below and then view the suggested response.

1. Describe the principal goal of managing bleeding episodes in hemophilia.

The correct answer is

Replace the deficient factor at the first sign of bleeding to stop bleeding and prevent complications.

2. List two advantages and one challenge of primary prophylaxis for a child with severe hemophilia.

Advantages: Decreased number of bleeds in young children; decreased joint disease; prevents other serious bleeds; minimizes family lifestyle disruption

Challenges: Frequent intravenous infusions can be traumatic for people with poor venous access; might require central venous access device that could increase the risk of complications associated with these types of devices; expensive

3. List three advantages of home treatment programs.

The answer includes the following:

Earlier treatment, reduced complications, improved school and work attendance, patient involvement in treatment, and keep lifestyle disruption at a minimum.