Bleeding Episodes: Review 1

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1. What are the most serious sites of bleeding for a patient with hemophilia?

The correct answers are central nervous system (CNS), airway obstruction, and GI hemorrhage.

2. The most common site of bleeding in hemophilia is

The correct answer is joints.

3. Injuries to the _____ and ______ are more common among children than adults.

The correct answers are head and mouth.

4. Headache and nausea are signs of potential __________.

The correct answer is intracranial bleeding.

5. Four signs of joint bleeding are

The correct answers follow: tingling, heat, swelling, and decreased motion.

6. In assessing joint or muscle bleeding, what two steps can help verify swelling that is not obvious?

Correct answers include the following: measuring the joint, checking range of motion, and comparing with unaffected side.