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Gather and Share Your Family Health History 
If you are concerned about a disease running in your family, collect your family health history and talk to your doctor at your next visit.
(Published: November 13, 2015)

Do you know your family health history?
How much do you know about family health history? Take our quiz to find out. 
(Published: November 25, 2013)

Articles of Interest

* These CDC scientific articles are listed in order of date published.

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[Read summary]

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[Read summary]

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[Read summary]

Summary of Workgroup Meeting on Use of Family History Information in Pediatric Primary Care and Public Health
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[Read article] [Read Summary]

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[Read article]

Family History in Pediatric Primary Care
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[Read article] [Read Summary]

Linking Family History in Obstetric and Pediatric Care: Assessing Risk for Genetic Disease and Birth Defects
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[Read article] [Read Summary]

Utility of Family History Reports of Major Birth Defects as a Public Health Strategy
Pediatrics; 2007; 120(Supplement 2):S71-S77
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[Read article] [Read Summary]

Is Family History a Useful Tool for Detecting Children at Risk for Diabetes and Cardiovascular Diseases? A Public Health Perspective
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[Read article] [Read Summary]