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Key Findings: A Comparison of Family, Financial, and Employment Impacts of Fragile X Syndrome, Autism, and Intellectual Disability
Healthcare professionals should be aware of the family financial expense when addressing the complex needs of children living with fragile X syndrome (FXS). Researchers at the National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), along with RTI International, recently published findings from a study on the financial expense of caring for a child living with fragile X syndrome as compared to caring for a child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), a child with intellectual disability (ID), or a child with both ASD and ID.
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Key Findings: Prevalence of Fragile X Premutation Prevalence of CGG Expansions of the FMR1 Gene in a US Population-Based Sample
Prevalence of CGG expansions of the FMR1 gene in a US population-based sample.
American Journal of Medical Genetics Part B Neuropsychiatric Genetics; 2012 Jul;159B(5):589-97.
Seltzer, M, et al.
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Fragile X Myths
Learn how CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics join forces to debunk common myths about fragile X syndrome.
(Published: July 18, 2016)

Ruth’s Story
Read one family’s story of living with fragile X syndrome and find out what CDC is doing about this condition.
(Published: July 20, 2015)

Public Health Research on Fragile X Syndrome
(Published: October 30, 2014)

How much do you know about Fragile X?
Take the quiz and find out.
(Published: July 22, 2013)

Scientific Articles

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Comprehensive Evaluation of the Child With Intellectual Disability or Global Developmental Delays.  
Moeschler JB, Shevell M, 
Committee on Genetics Pediatrics; 2014 Aug 25.   
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A comparison of family financial and employment impacts of fragile X syndrome, autism spectrum disorders, and intellectual disability.
Ouyang L, Grosse SD, Riley C, Bolen B, Bishop E, Raspa M, Bailey DB Jr.
Research in Developmental Disabilities; July 2014; 2014 Jul;35(7):1518-27.
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Anxiety, attention problems, hyperactivity, and the Aberrant Behavior Checklist in fragile X syndrome.
Wheeler A, Raspa M, Bann C, Bishop E, Hessl D, Sacco P, Bailey DB Jr.
American Journal Of Medical Genetics Part A; January 2014;164A(1): 141-55.
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Newborn Screening for Fragile X Syndrome
Tassone F. JAMA Neurology; 2013 Jan 6.
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Newborn, Carrier, and Early Childhood Screening Recommendations for Fragile X
Abrams L, Cronister A, Brown WT, Tassone F, Sherman SL, Finucane B, McConkie-Rosell A, Hagerman R, Kaufmann WE, Picker J, Coffey S, Skinner D, Johnson V, Miller R, Berry-Kravis E. Pediatrics; 2012 Dec;130(6):1126-35.
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Therapy Service Use Among Individuals with Fragile X Syndrome: Findings From a US Parent Survey
Martin GE, Ausderau KK, Raspa M, Bishop E, Mallya U, Bailey Jr DB.
Journal of Intellectual Disability Research; 2013 Sep;57(9):837-49
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Prevalence of CGG Expansions of the FMR1 Gene in a US Population-Based Sample
Seltzer MM, Baker MW, Hong J, Maenner M, Greenberg J, Mandel D
American Journal of Medical Genetics Part B Neuropsychiatric Genetics; 2012 Jul;159B(5):589-97.
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Caregiver options about fragile X population screening.
Bailey DB Jr, Bishop E, Raspa M, Skinner D.
Genetics in Medicine; January 2012;14(1):115-21
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Medication utilization for targeted symptoms in children and adults with fragile X syndrome: US survey.
Bailey DB Jr, Raspa M, Bishop E, Olmsted M, Mallya UG, Berry-Kravis E.
Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics; January 2012;33(1):62-9.
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