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Multimedia and Tools

New materials on alcohol use during pregnancy and FASDs

Print and electronic materials are now available to help you promote alcohol-free pregnancies to women in your communities. Click here to order and download!  


	FASD App on iPad Thumb This free app is a way for users to access the latest information related to alcohol use during pregnancy and FASDs directly from an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. From women planning a pregnancy to health care providers to families and educators, this app helps users easily find and share the latest in the prevention, recognition, and treatment of FASDs. To download the FASD app, visit the Apple App store from your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad and search for fetal alcohol spectrum disorders or CDC.

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	Dr. Lela McKnight-EilyQuantiaMD Presentation
QuantiaMD provides free continuing education opportunities to physicians. This presentation by Dr. Lela McKnight-Eily highlights findings from the CDC 2014 Vital Signs report, Communication Between Health Professionals and Their Patients About Alcohol Use — 44 States and the District of Columbia, 2011 and key aspects of alcohol screening and brief intervention.
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Medscape Video ThumbnailMedscape Video Alcohol and Women: How to Screen and Intervene
In this CDC Expert Commentary in partnership with Medscape, Dr. Joe Sniezek discusses steps health care providers can take to detect and intervene with women who drink alcohol at risky levels. Advice is based on guidance from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.
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Elizabeth Dang Video ThumbFASD Video
CDC’s Elizabeth Dang discusses the risks of alcohol use during pregnancy and fetal alcohol spectrum disorders.

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The Story of Iyal
	The Story of IyalThis video tells the story of one family living with FASDs. Every family has unique experiences, challenges, and successes. The intent of this video is not to endorse specific interventions, but to share one family's story and hope.

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Avoiding Alcohol During Pregnancy (A Cup of Health with CDC)

If you’re pregnant or might get pregnant, you can begin taking care of your child long before birth. Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can have permanent negative health effects on your developing child. In this podcast, Claire Marchetta discusses the importance of avoiding alcohol use during pregnancy.

	podcast speaker iconListen to this Podcast (3:15)

Avoiding Alcohol During Pregnancy (A Minute of Health with CDC)

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can have permanent negative health effects on your developing baby. This podcast discusses fetal alcohol spectrum disorders.

	podcast speaker iconListen to this Podcast (0:59)

The Story of Iyal

In this podcast, a mother tells her compelling story about a family living with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. 

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Don't Drink and Deliver (A Cup of Health with CDC)

Healthy behaviors before and during pregnancy play a key role in the ultimate outcome of a pregnancy; one of the greatest dangers to an unborn child is alcohol. In this podcast, Dr. Clark Denny discusses the importance of women abstaining from alcohol during pregnancy. 

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Alcohol and Pregnancy Don't Mix

This podcast discusses the dangers of consuming alcohol during pregnancy.

	podcast speaker icon Listen To This Podcast (2:32) »

Put Down That Drink if You Are Pregnant (or Trying to Be)!

This podcast discusses the danger of drinking alcohol during pregnancy.

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Alcohol Use During Pregnancy Quiz

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Alcohol Use During Pregnancy

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Health E-Cards

CDC has Health-e-Cards (or 'electronic greeting cards') that you can send to friends, family, and co-workers. Simply click on the link, type in an email address and name, and send a colorful greeting!