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Impact of the CHOICES intervention in preventing alcohol-exposed pregnancies in American Indian women
Alcoholism Clinical and Experimental Research,  2017 Feb 7, epub ahead of print
JD Hanson, ME Nelson, JL Jensen, A Willman, J Jacobs-Knight, K Ingersoll
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Women and Drinking: Preventing Alcohol-Exposed Pregnancies
Series: Advances in Psychotherapy – Evidence-Based Practice – Vol. 34; 2016
M. M. Velasquez, K. Ingersoll, M. B. Sobell, L. Carter Sobell
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A Novel Integration Effort to Reduce the Risk for Alcohol-Exposed Pregnancy Among Women Attending Urban STD Clinics
Public Health Reports; 2014;129(1):56-62
Hutton HE, Chander G, Green PP, Hutsell CA, Weingarten K, Peterson KL
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Prevention of Alcohol-Exposed Pregnancies Among Nonpregnant American Indian Women
American Journal of Health Promotion 2013;27(3):S66-S73
Hanson JD, Miller AL, Winberg A, Elliott A
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Motivational Interviewing + Feedback Intervention to Reduce Alcohol-Exposed Pregnancy Risk Among College Binge Drinkers: Determinants and Patterns of Response
Journal of Behavioral Medicine; 2011;34(5):381-395
Ceperich SD & Ingersoll KS
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A Dual-Focus Motivational Intervention to Reduce the Risk of Alcohol-Exposed Pregnancy
Cognitive and Behavioral Practice; 2010;17(2):203-212
Velasquez MM, Ingersoll KS, Sobell MB, Floyd RL, Sobell LC, von Sternberg K
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Preventing Alcohol-Exposed Pregnancies: A Randomized Controlled Trial
American Journal of Preventive Medicine; 2007;32(1):1-10
Floyd RL, Sobell M, Velasquez MM, Ingersoll K, Nettleman M, Sobell L, Mullen PD, Ceperich S, von Sternberg K, Bolton B, Johnson K, Skarpness B, Nagaraja J.
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Motivational Intervention to Reduce Alcohol-Exposed Pregnancies – Florida, Texas, and Virginia, 1997-2001
Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report; 2003;52(19):441-444
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
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Reducing the Risk of Alcohol-Exposed Pregnancies: A Study of a Motivational Intervention in Community Settings
Pediatrics; 2003;111(5):1131-1135
Project CHOICES Intervention Research Group
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Alcohol-Exposed Pregnancy: Characteristics Associated with Risk
American Journal of Preventive Medicine; 2002;23(3):166-173
Project CHOICES Research Group
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