Metropolitan Atlanta Developmental Disabilities Surveillance Program (MADDSP) Data Sets

Measles mumps rubella / autism study

MADDSP 1991-1996

This data set has been designated as a “restricted access” data set because concerns about confidentiality of study subjects. The Developmental Disabilities Branch (DDB) will only make this data set available under restricted conditions.

To request access to the data, interested researchers must complete a scientific proposal and send it to CDC at The proposal should clearly state which data sets are being requested, how the researcher plans to analyze them, and which hypothesis(es) are being tested. The proposal should be no longer than eight typed, single-spaced pages, including appendices and cover page, in Times New Roman 12 pt font. The proposal should include the following:

  1. Background – This section should describe the background and reasons for requesting the data set(s) of interest.
  2. Introduction – This section should describe the proposed research, in detail, including a clear statement of the hypothesis(es) being tested and an explanation of its significance to the overall analysis. In addition, this section should also describe how the researchers intend to maintain confidentiality of the data.
  3. Methods – This section should clearly list, with relevant citations, the analytical methods proposed for data analysis.
  4. Data Sets Requested – This section should clearly list the data set(s) requested and the length of time each data set is needed.
  1. This appendix should state the qualifications and experience of the Principal Investigator(s).
  2. This appendix should contain certification that funding is in place to conduct the research as proposed. This documentation could consist of a signed letter from the PI’s institution stating this fact.

Once CDC has received the subject proposal, it will be evaluated to determine its scientific merit. CDC will notify the researchers by email within 3 weeks of receipt of the proposal.