The first step is for parents to complete the screening tool.

The second step is for the clinician to score and review.

If the child screens positive, immediate action is required. The provider discusses results and concerns with parents, performs more specific medical & developmental assessment and/or refers for further assessment, and provides anticipatory guidance.

The final step is referral to appropriate early intervention services if child is not yet 3 years old, or special education if the child is 3 years or older.

If the child screens negative, and there are concerns noted, the provider reviews the concerns and discusses them with the parent.

If there are no concerns, the final step is that the provider discusses results with parents,  and gives anticipatory guidance. No immediate action is required, child is rescreened at next well-child visit.

If there are further concerns, the final step is either that the provider gives anticipatory guidance, monitors development, and rescreen at next well-child visit, or that the  provider makes a referral.

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