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ADHD medication and behavioral therapy among children with ADHD (ages 4-17) with special health care needs

Map showing: Use of ADHD medication and behavioral therapy among children with ADHD (ages 4-17) with special health care needs

Data are from the National Survey of Children with Special Health Care Needs, collected in 2009-2010. Parents were asked about their child’s ADHD medication use in the previous week and about behavioral therapy in the previous year.

Visser, S. N., Bitsko, R. H., Danielson, M. L., Gandhour, R., Blumberg, S. J., Schieve, L., Holbrook, J., Wolraich, M., Cuffe, S. (2015). Treatment of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder among children with special health care needs. Journal of Pediatrics, published online April 1, 2015

Medication rate by state:

<70%: California, DC, Arizona, Alaska, Pennsylvania, Utah, Florida, New Jersey, Montana, Idaho, Colorado, Maine, Oregon

70 to 75%: New Hampshire, Vermont, Washington, New York, Nevada, New Mexico, Hawaii, Illinois, Texas, Alabama

75.1 to 80%: Maryland, Massachusetts, Missouri, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Delaware, Arkansas, Louisiana, Kentucky, Minnesota, Georgia, South Carolina, West Virginia, Ohio, North Dakota, Tennessee

>80%: Virginia, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Kansas, South Dakota, Mississippi, Wyoming, Indiana, Nebraska, Iowa, Michigan

Behavioral therapy rate by state:

<40%: Tennessee, Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, West Virginia, North Carolina, Missouri, Ohio, Wisconsin, Washington, Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia, Colorado

40 to 45%: Iowa, Louisiana, Delaware, Utah, Florida, Oklahoma, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan

45.1 to 50%: Kentucky, Montana, Idaho, Arkansas, Massachusetts, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Arizona, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Alaska

> 50%: Rhode Island, Vermont, Nevada, Illinois, New Mexico, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Pennsylvania, California, Wyoming, Maine, Oregon, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Hawaii

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