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Partner Spotlight

Ginger Meyners
Director of Marketing, National Association of Child Care Professionals

Ginger MeynersAs marketing director of the National Association of Child Care Professionals (NACCP), Ginger Meyners is dedicated to providing child care leaders with the necessary tools to deliver quality care. When she heard about the Learn the Signs. Act Early. campaign, she knew its resource kit could help her organization educate child care providers about developmental milestones and delays.

“One of NACCP’s main goals is to guide child care leaders on all child care issues, including childhood development,” says Ginger. “This campaign and its materials are invaluable to us.”

The NACCP considers childhood development to be a key component of its overall child health program. “We place a big emphasis on monitoring milestones as a part of a child’s total wellness,” says Ginger. Learn the Signs. Act Early. campaign resources have helped our members answer that question.”
“Since the child care provider is an invaluable resource to the parent, we want providers to be ready to respond when a parent asks, ‘What do I do?’.”

NACCP has used the campaign’s resources in a variety of ways, including sending e-blasts to more than 1,500 members; adding the campaign’s link to its Web site; printing an article about the campaign in the August edition of its newsletter, Professional Connections; and adding the campaign flyer to its membership and accreditation packets.

“The campaign materials are well-received by our members,” says Ginger. “The Child Care Provider Resource Kit and the Parent Resource Kit are fantastic. They raise awareness among child care providers and parents that reaching certain developmental milestones is fundamental to a child’s well-being.”

Ginger and her team are taking the campaign’s message to new heights with NACCP members. In mid- April, Georgina Peacock, MD, MPH, a developmental pediatrician and Learn the Signs. Act Early. team member, was invited to NACCP’s annual conference in New Orleans to speak about the campaign, and about developmental delays and the integration of developmental milestones into child care. Conference attendees also received campaign materials, and NACCP plans to distribute these materials at its upcoming regional conferences across the country.

Through NACCP’s outreach, many child care providers are learning the importance of early intervention. “The campaign is a great way to spread the message about monitoring a child‘s development and the importance of early intervention,” says Ginger. “The sooner you can identify a child’s special needs, the sooner you can help create a plan of action, which is essential for providing the best possible child care. The campaign is one more way we can help child care providers deliver superior child care.”

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For more information on how you can reach out to health professionals in your area, visit the How to Get Involved page of the “Learn the Signs. Act Early.” website.

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