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These videos from “Learn the Signs. Act Early.” can be shared on your website, posted to social media, shown in waiting rooms, and included in presentations.

Milestones Matter for Families!
In this video, parents of young children share their personal experiences of using CDC’s “Learn the Signs. Act Early.” tools and resources to learn about child development, recognize the milestones their child should be reaching, and guide them about what to do if they ever become concerned.

“Learn the Signs. Act Early.” One Director’s Story
Hear one early learning center director’s story of how her center is using “Learn the Signs. Act Early.” materials to boost providers’ professional development and to promote parent-engaged developmental monitoring.

“Learn the Signs. Act Early.” One Doctor’s Story
Hear one doctor’s story of how her practice uses CDC’s free parent-friendly “Learn the Signs. Act Early.” resources to assist with developmental surveillance and help families learn the signs of healthy child development.

Baby Steps: “Learn the Signs. Act Early.”
Learn how to look for developmental milestones and what to do if you’re worried about your child’s development or think there’s a problem.

Child Development: It’s Better to Know (Spanish)
Learn why it is important to recognize developmental milestones and what to do if you have concerns about your child’s development.


You can become an advocate for health by posting a button to your website, blog, or social networking site (e.g. Facebook page).

CDC's Free Milestone Tracker App

Milestone Tracker button - Spanish

Watch Me button

Mirame Web Button

Baby's Busy Day English Web Banner

Baby's Busy Day Spanish Web Banner

Milestones in Action-web button

Milestones In Action Web Banner Spanish

Amazing Me

Autism Case Training

I know the signs of healthy child development.

I know the signs of healthy child development.


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Developmental Milestones Quiz Widget (Html 5)

Help increase awareness of developmental milestones. To add the widget to your webpage, click the hyperlink below, copy the code below the widget and paste it into your webpage.

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