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Choosing Materials

Learn the Signs. Act Early Educational Materials

Help! Which materials should I choose?


  • Use the Milestone Moments booklet or the milestones checklists to track your child’s development and to find tips to support your child’s development. Review them with your child’s doctor at every visit and/or with your child care provider.
  • Hang a growth chart in your child’s bedroom. Each time you mark a new height, fill out the milestones checklist for his or her age.
  • Is your child between 2 and 4 years old? Read the free E-book, Amazing Me—It’s Busy Being 3! Help your child find “Bear” throughout the story, and click on him for a surprise!

Health Care Professionals

  • Fill the card stand with milestone brochures or milestone cards and put it in the waiting area.
  • Leave a few brochures or cards in each exam room or hang the growth chart.
  • Review a condition-specific fact sheet with parents who have questions about a particular condition (Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy, etc.).
  • Give each new family a flyer and suggest they order a parent kit.

Early Educators

  • Give the parents of children in your center a brochure or flyer, and encourage them to order a free parent kit.
  • Use the Milestone Moments booklet to have an ongoing conversation with parents about development.
  • Print copies of the milestones checklists and use them to track the milestones of each child in your class. Review these checklists with parents during conferences.
  • Hang a growth chart in your lobby or waiting area.