TV Public Service Announcement transcript for the "Learn the Signs, Act Early." campaign.

Baby 1: Baby Noise
Baby 2: Baby Noise
Mom 1: He’s getting so big.
Mom 2: He’s huge. 70th Percentile.
Mom 3: What?!!
Mom 2: Uh huh.

ANNOUNCER: It’s time to change how we view a child’s growth.
Mom 1: She’s petite. She’s a small child.
Mom 3: She really is.
Mom 1: Yeah, she’s little, but she’s strong.
Baby 1: “mama”
Baby 3: Baby noise

ANNOUNCER: There are developmental milestones your child should reach.

Baby 2: Baby Noise
Mom 1: Sweetie, put that down.

ANNOUNCER: Find out what they are.

ANNOUNCER: Talk to your child’s doctor.

Mom 1: Laughs

ANNOUNCER: Call 1-800-CDC-INFO. Learn the Signs. Act Early.

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