Frequently Asked Questions About Autism Case Training

  1. What is the Autism Case Training web-based continuing education (CE) course?
    The Autism Case Training web-based CE course is a free, online training for health professionals. Divided into three modules—Identifying, Diagnosing, Managing—the training presents seven case studies and has three course goals:
    1. Describe cognitive, language, motor, social, and emotional components of typical and atypical child behavior and development;
    2. Identify the diagnostic process and best practices for supporting a family through screening and diagnosis, and;
    3. Identify the early intervention approaches and clinical management strategies for children with autism spectrum disorder.
  1. What type of CE credit does the Autism Case Training offer users?
    Users are eligible for Continuing Medical Education (CME), Continuing Nursing Education (CNE), and Continuing Education Unit (CEU) credits.
  1. Can I get credits other than ABP-MOC, CME, CNE, CPH, or CEU?
    These are the only types of credit available. You will need to contact your profession’s governing agency or appropriate professional association to find out if they will accept this CE credit, and you will need to submit any records they require. Unfortunately, we are unable to do this for you.
  1. Why is the process to receive CE credit so involved?
    In order to provide this and many other CE opportunities, the CDC needs to track the number of users, determine the effectiveness of each course, and keep a record of each individual’s CE credits.
  1. Will I receive a certificate verifying my CE credits?
    Yes, after you complete the registration/login, course evaluation, and post-course quiz, there is an option to print a CE certificate.
  1. Can I print a certificate at a later time?
    Yes. After you log in to your profile on CDC’s Training and Continuing Education site, ( you can choose Participant Services to review your transcript and print certificates of completion for each module of the Autism Case Training you have completed.
  1. What if I am having technical difficulties with the registration and login process?
    Go to the CDC’s Training and Continuing Education Online help page at
  1. I am a pediatrician trying to receive MOC credits. What do I need to do?
    As of September 30, 2018, MOC-Part 2 credits are no longer available for this course. CME and other CE types are still available. Click here to learn how to get your CE once you’ve completed the modules.
  1. How can I share the information from this training with future healthcare providers?
    The “Autism Case Training (ACT): A Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics Curriculum” is designed to educate future healthcare providers on fundamental components of identifying, diagnosing, and managing autism spectrum disorder through real life scenarios. Click here for more information.