Case Study Part III - Epilogue

A young african american boy in an orange jacket

Kofi’s mother calls you with an update after seeing the developmental-behavioral pediatrician.  She was advised to try a medication called risperidone.  The doctor raised concerns about Kofi already being overweight.

The decision, however, was made to start Kofi on risperidone because these extreme behaviors had such a profound impact on his functioning.  The doctor prescribed a gradually increasing dose schedule. Blood work was obtained, and said she would collect fasting blood tests at baseline and after one month of treatment to monitor effects on Kofi’s lipids and fasting blood sugar.  BMI and vital signs also will also be monitored regularly. While Kofi’s mother was initially hesitant because of the side-effect profile, the benefits outweighed the risks in this instance.

The developmental-behavioral pediatrician had given her the name of a nutritionist who helps manage the increased appetite of children with ASD who are placed on risperidone, but she had not yet contacted him. You encourage her to follow through with that plan, which the mother and she agrees.

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