Claudia Part III - Epilogue

A little girl in a dress with flowers in her hair.

Claudia’s parents’ responses note continued concerns regarding Claudia’s communication and social skills.

Although she uses her finger to point, she cries and whines when she wants something and does not use gestures or pointing in order to gain attention from others. Claudia does not imitate others. She occasionally responds to her name, but does not respond when she is focused on a preferred activity. Given the presence of continued concerns, you speak in depth with Claudia’s parents regarding the possible diagnosis of ASD based on the screening measures.

Although one of Claudia’s initially reported behaviors of concern is resolved on the M-CHAT-R Follow-Up Interview, and the parents are unsure of some of Claudia’s behaviors, there remain enough concerning behaviors to warrant referral for further evaluation. You address the need for a formal evaluation to clearly delineate Claudia’s symptoms.

Claudia’s parents are in agreement with the concerns.

You refer Claudia for a hearing evaluation and an assessment by an early intervention specialist. You also refer her for a complete evaluation by a developmental specialist. You schedule a follow-up visit with Claudia and her parents in two months to continue to follow her progress and to ensure services and assessments have begun.

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