Let's Follow Another Patient

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A happy little girl

Your next patient is Claudia, a 2-year-old girl who has just moved to the area from another state.

This is Claudia’s first visit to the clinic. As you introduce yourself to Claudia, you notice she stares at the door. You complete a physical exam and look over Claudia’s immunization record. You ask Claudia’s dad about preschool, and he replies that since Claudia does not speak yet, the family decided not to place her in preschool. You attempt to engage Claudia with toys, but Claudia appears more interested in the buttons on her sweater. You are concerned these may be signs of ASD. After explaining the routine of screening for ASD at the 18-month and 2-year-old visits, you give the screening tool to Claudia’s dad for completion.

Claudia’s dad is unsure of the answers to one question as mom typically cares for Claudia during the day. He asks to speak with you.

A little girl with a frowning face

Let’s look at the responses of Claudia’s dad and score the screener.

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