Early Warning Signs of Autism Spectrum Disorder: Case Study Part II

Toddler holding a cup

During your conversation, you find out that Mark attained his motor milestones typically. By 1 year of age, he was walking. Now he is climbing on everything. He has started to repeat words, and thanks to a beloved DVD, he has learned many of his letters and can count to 10 in Spanish.

You ask about how Mark communicates and gets what he wants.

Elizabeth says that he is very smart and that he usually tries to get things himself. She cannot recall a time that he pointed or gestured to get his needs met.

Toddler with a big smile

At that moment, Mark wanders into the room. He starts to run back and forth while saying “fast, fast, fast.” You call him many times, but he doesn’t seem to hear you.

Elizabeth says that he is a very busy, active boy and that he acts this way a lot. He stops his playing and begins to spin the wheels of a toy train.

You are beginning to get concerned. These aren’t normal play behaviors.

You review her family history and can’t recall anyone with autism.

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