Making a Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder - Case Study Part II

A young boy in a jacket playing outside.

At first, Billy clings to his mother, but as you continue to speak with her, he climbs down from her lap and runs around the room touching everything in sight.

When you give him a few toys to play with, he briefly inspects them, smells them, and then throws them down. Billy spots a ball in your bag of toys. He points at it and says “ball” without looking at you or his mother.

When you toss him the ball, he laughs and makes brief eye contact with you, but then proceeds to kick and chase the ball around the room, ignoring your efforts to engage him in play. You call his name several times and he doesn’t answer.

When his mother begins to undress him for the exam, he begins to scream and jump up and down while flapping his hands. She says he tends to have difficulty transitioning from one activity to another.

On physical examination, Billy is at the 75th percentile for weight and height and his physical exam is within normal limits.

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