Case Study Part I

Young boy having a snack

Jack is a 3 1/2-year-old boy recently diagnosed with ASD. His mother brings him to your office today for his well-child visit.

You begin by asking if she has any concerns and she reports Jack has been having difficulty falling asleep. Before going to bed, he has an elaborate ritual. He refused to sleep by himself and will only sleep with an empty soda bottle.

A young asian boy

He wakes up three to four times in the middle of the night looking for her. He refuses to go back to bed unless she lies back down with him. His bedtime is 7 p.m., and although she wishes he would sleep longer, he wakes up like clockwork at 5 a.m.

His mother notices he gets cranky in the afternoon, so she tries to enforce an afternoon nap. Some days he takes a nap easily; other days he fusses.

When you ask if he snores, she chuckles and mentions that for a little person, he snores like a truck. His mother states that she feels exhausted all the time and has a short fuse.

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