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In one hour: 450 babies will be born.

Infographic: In one hour, 450 babies will be born


In one hour: 450 babies will be born. [PDF – 1 MB]


Title: In one hour: 450 babies will be born.

  • 15 will have a major birth defect including 1 with congenital deafness;
  • 7 will be diagnosed with autism by kindergarten;
  • 46 will be identified with ADHD as they move through grade school;  AND
  • 6 of their peers will be identified with one of many complex genetic conditions that NCBDDD focuses on, including sickle cell disease, muscular dystrophy, and hemophilia.
So what have we done to help?

NCBDDD and its partners provided the science needed for corn masa flour to be enriched with folic acid, resulting in about 40 fewer cases every year of neural tube defects in babies born to Hispanic mothers.

NCBDDD led nationwide implementation of pulse oximetry screening at hospitals,  having the lives of about 220 babies every year who would have otherwise died in infancy of critical conditions like congenital heart defects.

Every year, NCBDDD and its hearing program partners identify and intervene with >5,700 babies in early infancy who are born deaf or hard of hearing and who go on to make impressive gains in their language development and stay on par with their peers.

For the nearly 2,000 children born every year with complex genetic disorders, NCBDDD and its partners provide early prophylactic treatments and improved care which minimizes disease difficulties improving life expectancy.

Using research-driven techniques, NCBDDD and partners work to recognize, count, and support the millions of children with autism and ADHD so they might enjoy their fullest potential.

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