Project Updates, March 2023

NBS Modernization Progress

Recently Completed
  • Initiated full-scale modernization contract
  • Developed new Patient and Event Search module
  • Defined the new technology stack for modernizing NBS and shared with NBS community for feedback
  • Enhanced system deployment processes to lessen the burden on jurisdictions for system upgrade
  • Performed user research on STDs and on high-incidence condition workflow automation (Hepatitis and COVID-19)
In Progress
  • First modernization release (7.0):
    • First iteration of new search functionality
    • Planning to alpha test in March 2023
  • First iteration of new workflow for sexually transmitted disease (STD) investigations
  • Live demo site for modernization releases
  • Data ingestion: first use case for application programming interface (API); building blocks integration
    • Geocoding
    • Rhapsody research
  • High-incidence condition automation and streamlining user research and technical discovery
  • Patient Profile and New Patient data entry screens
  • Pilot a centralized CDC-hosted NBS application for jurisdictions
  • Redesign core use cases:
    • Form-building (Page Builder 2.0)
    • Data ingestion: Electronic laboratory reporting (ELR), electronic case reporting (eCR), and more
    • Case notification to CDC
  • Connection to analysis, visualization, and reporting tools
    • Deduplication/linkage/merging
    • Automation of workflows
    • Contact tracing
  • New features:
    • Enhanced HIV/AIDS Reporting (eHARS) gap analysis
    • First EpiSync pilot
    • Incremental delivery of user experience improvements
  • CDC is continuing to explore future options for expanding NBS’ capabilities such as:
    • offering jurisdictions the option to use a centralized cloud instance of NBS hosted by CDC
    • adding support for conditions like HIV.