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Historical Document

This web page is provided for reference purposes only. The most current CDC data can be found on the Seat Belts: Get the Facts page. The Insurance Institute for Highway SafetyExternal maintains current information about state laws, who they cover, and fines.

Nineteen States Still Lack a Primary Enforcement Seat Belt Law

(Last updated December 2010)


State Primary Law Secondary Law No Law
Alabama X    
Alaska X    
Arizona   X  
Arkansas X    
California X    
Colorado   X  
Connecticut X    
Delaware X    
District of Columbia X    
Florida X    
Georgia X    
Hawaii X    
Idaho   X  
Illinois X    
Indiana X    
Iowa X    
Kansas X    
Kentucky X    
Louisiana X    
Maine X    
Maryland X    
Massachusetts   X  
Michigan X    
Minnesota X    
Mississippi X    
Missouri   X  
Montana   X  
Nebraska   X  
Nevada   X  
New Hampshire     X
New Jersey X    
New Mexico X    
New York X    
North Carolina X    
North Dakota   X  
Ohio   X  
Oklahoma X    
Oregon X    
Pennsylvania   X  
Rhode Island   X  
South Carolina X    
South Dakota   X  
Tennessee X    
Texas X    
Utah   X  
Vermont   X  
Virginia   X  
Washington X    
West Virginia   X  
Wisconsin X    
Wyoming   X