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MyMobility Plan

Do you or your loved ones have a plan to stay safe, mobile, and independent as you age? Many people make financial plans for retirement, but don’t consider how to plan for potential mobility changes. The mobility planning tool can guide you to take action today to help keep yourself—or your loved ones—safe, mobile, and independent tomorrow.

Work through the three sections of this mobility planning tool and create your own My Mobility Plan as you discover:

  1. Myself: How to stay independent - Tips to manage your health to maintain mobility.
  2. MyHome: How to stay safe at home - A home safety checklist to help prevent falls.
  3. MyNeighborhood: How to stay mobile in your community - A plan to get around in your community.

Why Have a MyMobility Plan?

  • Falls and motor vehicle crashes, which are related to mobility, are the leading causes of injury and injury death in older adults.
  • There are many negative outcomes for older adults if they stop driving or fall, including reductions in their health, social interaction, and the ability to get around.
  • CDC developed this planning tool, using available scientific evidence, to help older adults plan for future mobility changes that might increase their risk for motor vehicle crashes and falls.
  • Adult children or caregivers can also use this planning tool to help older parents, relatives, or friends.

MyMobility Plan

You can customize the MyMobility Plan with your organization’s name and address. There is a designated space for you to add contact information only (not logos).


Medicine Risk Fact Sheet

Conference Card

This section includes resources, shareable graphics, and social media messages (Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter) for you to promote the MyMobility Plan. Help spread the word about how to help keep older adults safe, mobile, and independent!

Twitter Posts

  • Check out CDC’s new mobility planning tool. Maintain independence by staying mobile as you age. Create a personalized #MyMobilityPlan:
  • Just like planning for retirement, older adults can make a plan to stay mobile and independent tomorrow. See how:
  • Stay safe, mobile, and independent as you age. Download CDC’s new planning tool and create your own plan today! #MyMobilityPlan

Facebook Posts

  • Regular doctor visits, checking your medicines, and planning ahead can help older adults stay mobile and independent. Create a MyMobility Plan today, or help a loved one create theirs!
  • Older Adults: You need to see well to drive safely at night. Get annual eye exams & address vision issues. Find more tips in the new older adult mobility planning tool. #MyMobilityPlan
  • Strength and balance activities can help prevent older adult falls. Stay safe, mobile, and independent. Create a #MyMobilityPlan

Pinterest/Instagram Posts

We all plan for the future in a variety of ways, but planning for changes in our mobility, or in the ability to get around, is often overlooked. CDC developed a new tool to assist older adults to plan for potential changes in mobility—called the MyMobility Plan. It includes practical steps on how to make a plan to stay independent, how to stay safe at home, and how to stay mobile in the community. #plan #safe #MyMobilityPlan Download it here:

The MyMobility Plan provides resources and tips for older adults to help manage their health to maintain mobility, make their homes safer to prevent falls, and consider alternative transportation options as they age so they can stay safe, mobile, and independent longer. Download it here:

The MyMobility Plan and related documents are available in Spanish. Click here to view the Spanish language web page, and scroll down for social media messages in Spanish.



  • Mire la nueva herramienta de planificación de los CDC para mantener su movilidad. Mantenga su independencia manteniéndose móvil al envejecer. Use el Plan de MiMovilidad para crear y personalizar su plan
  • Tal como planifica para la jubilación, los adultos mayores pueden hacer un plan para mantenerse móviles e independientes mañana. Aprenda cómo hacerlo:
  • Manténgase seguro, móvil e independiente al envejecer. Descargue la nueva herramienta de planificación de los CDC y haga su propio plan hoy.


  • Chequeos médicos habituales, revisar los medicamentos y planificar pueden ayudar a los adultos mayores a mantenerse móviles e independientes. Haga su propio Plan de MiMovilidad hoy, o ayude a un ser querido a crear el suyo.
  • Adultos mayores: Es necesario poder ver bien en la oscuridad para poder conducir sin peligro durante la noche. Hágase su examen anual de la vista y solucione cualquier problema con su vista. Encuentre más consejos de los CDC en la nueva herramienta de planificación para la movilidad. #MyMobilityPlan
  • Las actividades de fortalecimiento y equilibrio pueden ayudar a prevenir caídas en los adultos mayores. Manténgase seguro, móvil e independiente. Haga su propio Plan de MiMovilidad.


Todos planeamos para el futuro de varias formas, pero a veces subestimamos la importancia de planear para los cambios en nuestra movilidad, o en la habilidad de movilizarnos. Los CDC crearon una nueva herramienta para que los adultos mayores planifiquen para posibles cambios en la movilidad, llamado Plan de MiMovilidad. Este plan incluye pasos prácticos sobre cómo hacer un plan para mantenerse independiente, mantenerse seguro en el hogar y móvil en su comunidad. Descárguelo aquí: