My Mobility Plan

Do you or your loved ones have a plan to stay safe, mobile, and independent as you age? Many people make financial plans for retirement, but don’t consider how to plan for potential mobility changes. The mobility planning tool can help you take action today to help keep yourself—or your loved ones—safe, mobile, and independent tomorrow

Work through the three sections of this mobility planning tool and create your own My Mobility Plan as you discover:

How to stay independent: Tips to manage your health to improve mobility.

How to stay safe at home: A home safety checklist to help prevent falls.

How to stay mobile in your community: A plan to get around in your community.

Partner Tool Kit

Help spread the word about how to help keep older adults safe, mobile, and independent! The Partner Toolkit includes everything you need to share and promote the MyMobility Plan with your networks and with older adults.

Download the Partner Toolkit

Are Your Medicines Increasing Your Risk of a Fall or a Car Crash?

Prescription medicines, over-the-counter medicines (OTC), dietary supplements, and even some herbal products can cause side effects that increase your risk of a fall or motor vehicle crash.

Download the Medication Fact Sheet