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Scientists and experts from across CDC have put their expertise and know-how into developing a realistic, exciting app that turns your mobile tablet into its own version of CSI.

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New Outbreaks

Do you have what it takes to be a Disease Detective with honors? Solve the Outbreak. Download today!

Check out the exciting updates to CDC’s Solve the OutbreakExternal application.  Now with new outbreaks, you can unlock Level 2 and solve 19 different outbreaks!

New outbreaks happen every day and CDC’s disease detectives are on the front lines, working 24/7 to save lives and protect people. When a new outbreak happens, disease detectives are sent in to figure out how outbreaks are started, before they can spread. In this free tablet app, you get to Solve the Outbreak.

You’ll play the role of an Epidemic Intelligence Service agent. Find clues about outbreaks and make tough decisions about what to do next: Do you quarantine the village? Talk to people who are sick? Ask for more lab results?

With fictional outbreaks based on real-life cases, you’ll have to puzzle through the evidence to earn points for each clue. The better your answers, the higher your score – and the more quickly you’ll save lives. You’ll start out as a Trainee and will earn badges by solving cases.  Once you earn the top rank: Disease Detective, unlock level two to try your hand at more challenging scenarios and earn new honors.

Fun, Interactive Peek into the World of Epidemiology

Solve the Outbreak

Whether you’re a teen considering a career in the sciences, a teacher looking for a great new way to show epidemiology at work, or a germ nerd of any age, Solve the Outbreak is a fascinating peek into the work that real-life Disease Detectives do every day to keep us safe.

As soon as a new outbreak is suspected, you race to the scene to figure out what’s happening, why, how it started, and how it’s spread. Act fast and you can save a whole town, state, or even a country. Come up with the wrong answers and, well…you can always try again!

Play Solve the Outbreak on the CDC Website

Page last reviewed: November 8, 2018