Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR)

The figure is a photo of a bandage on a person’s arm with text about the latest COVID-19 reports from MMWR.

Surveillance Summaries

September 24, 2021
Acute Gastroenteritis on Cruise Ships — Maritime Illness Database and Reporting System, United States, 2006–2019
Outbreaks of gastrointestinal illness commonly occur in crowded living conditions and can spread quickly in semienclosed environments, such as cruise ships. This report presents findings of the system during 2006-2019.

The figure is a graphic of a cruise ship with text overlay describing the updated surveillance data on gastrointestinal illness on cruise ships.

The figure is a graphic informing health care providers of new influenza recommendations.

Recommendations and Reports

August 27, 2021
Prevention and Control of Seasonal Influenza with Vaccines: Recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, United States, 2021–22 Influenza Season
This report provides Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices recommendations for the use of influenza vaccines during the 2021–22 influenza season.

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