Promotores de Salud/Community Health Workers

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What are promotores de salud? Promotores de salud, also known as promotoras, is the Spanish term for “community health workers”. The Hispanic community recognizes promotores de salud as lay health workers who work in Spanish-speaking communities.

This is How We Stop Zika

This Is How We Stop Zika (Español) is a communication campaign supported by the CDC Foundation, CDC and several other partners. The campaign seeks to inform and motivate people to stop the spread of Zika (especially to pregnant women and their developing babies) by providing information and resources on how individuals can take action to prevent Zika by protecting themselves, their home, and their community. The effort includes a dedicated Facebook page and several digital and print resources currently available on the website.

Visit the Stop Zika website at for more information.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)
HHS Promotores de Salud Initiative
HHS Promotores de Salud Initiative

The goals of the HHS Promotores de Salud / Community Health Workers Initiative are to:

  • Recognize the important contributions of promotores in reaching vulnerable, low-income and underserved members of Latino/Hispanic populations, and
  • Promote the increased engagement of promotores to support health education and prevention efforts and access to health insurance programs.
HHS, Office of Minority Health (OMH), Think Cultural Health

Promoting Healthy Choices and Community Changes: An E-learning Program for Promotores De Salud


Use of training materials by promotoras to improve cervical cancer screening rates in the Hispanic community.

AMIGAS stands for “Ayudando a las Mujeres con Información, Guía y Amor para su Salud.” In English, this means “Helping Women with Information, Guidance, and Love for Their Health.” AMIGAS is a bilingual educational outreach intervention designed to help promotoras and other lay health educators increase

  • Promoting Cervical Cancer Screening among Hispanic Women The AMIGAS program engaged community health workers, or promotoras, to deliver a multicomponent intervention that doubled the rate of cervical cancer screening among Mexican-American women in Texas and Washington. Community Preventive Services Task Force recommendations were used to inform the selection of program components which included one-on-one education and small media.
  • Cervical cancer screening among Hispanics who have rarely or never had a Pap test. A randomized controlled trial recently funded by CDC, showed AMIGAS is effective in promoting cervical cancer screening (Pap tests) among Hispanics aged 21 to 65 years.

Addressing Chronic Disease through Community Health Workers
Addressing Chronic Disease through Community Health Workers

A Policy and Systems-Level Approach
Second Edition
April 2015

This document provides guidance and resources for implementing recommendations to integrate community health workers (CHWs) into community-based efforts to prevent chronic disease. It sets forth evidence demonstrating the value and impact of CHWs in preventing and managing chronic diseases and describes comprehensive state policies, programs that engage CHWs, and resources to assist state health departments and others.


The “fotonovelas” similar to comic books in their use of plain language and images, are common in Spanish-language cultures, and are an effective medium for health promotion and health education for Hispanic audiences. Promotores de salud and other community health workers (CHWs) are encouraged to read the fotonovela with participants. A Promotora/CHW Guide accompanies the fotonovela and gives these members of the health care team a brief summary of objectives, tips, additional activities, reviews, and reminders.

Spanish Promotora Guide Cholesterol

High Cholesterol, Education Materials for Patients

High Cholesterol Fotonovelas

How to Control Your Fat and Cholesterol, How to Control Your Cholesterol Numbers

Como Controlar la Grasa y el Colesterol, Aprenda a Controlar Su Consumo de Grasa y Colesterol

Million Hearts Spanish Toolkits
Million Hearts, Resources, Toolkits for Community Health Workers

The goal of the Million Hearts Campaign is to prevent 1 million heart attacks and strokes in the U.S. by 2017. The attached links explain several roles that community health workers play in helping prevent heart disease and strokes in their community.


National Diabetes Education Program (NDEP)
¡Hazlo por ellos! Pero por ti también. / Do it for them! But for you too.

¡Hazlo por ellos! Pero por ti también. / Do it for them! But for you too.

A bilingual (Spanish / English) fotonovela featuring dramatic stories of Latinas talking to Latinas about preventing or delaying type 2 diabetes and being healthy for their children and themselves. The stories use three women’s challenges in maintaining a healthy lifestyle to convey an important message: Increasing physical activity, making healthy food choices and losing weight (if you are overweight) decreases or delays your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Kit El Camino hacia la Buena Salud / The Road to Health Toolkit

Features a Complete Suite to Help Prevent Diabetes

Kit El Camino hacia la Buena Salud / The Road to Health Toolkit

The goal of the Kit El Camino hacia la Buena Salud / The Road to Health Toolkit is to provide materials to start a community outreach program reinforcing the message that type 2 diabetes can be delayed or prevented. This Kit was designed for community health workers and others who work with people who are Hispanic/Latino or of African American/African ancestry.

Designed for community health care workers, promotores, and diabetes educators, el Kit El Camino hacia la Buena Salud / The Road to Health Toolkit contains a comprehensive collection of easy, practical, and effective resources. The toolkit has been used for training promotoras through community-based organizations such as Día De La Mujer Latina, and others geared to educating the Hispanic community about their health and linking them to preventive and health care services and other health-related resources.


Esta Listo / Are You Ready?

Provides training materials to train and build capacity for promotoras (Emergency management)

Promotora Instructional Video
Visión y Compromiso (VyC)

VyC trained and supported 25 promotoras in the use of the NHLBI heart health curricula in a 2-day face-to-face training. In addition, 33 promotoras received the NHLBI curriculum training via a 7-session webinar series—held for 7 consecutive weeks. The trained community health workers conducted 49 community education workshops with 730 community members, maintaining a 73 percent retention rate throughout the 11-week course (without financial incentives for participation).