2022 Lewis/Ferguson NOFO

CDC John R. Lewis Undergraduate Public Health Scholars Program and Dr. James A. Ferguson Emerging Infectious Diseases Fellowship: Exposure of Undergraduate, Graduate Students, and Postgraduates to Minority Health, Public Health, and Health Professions – CDC-RFA-CD22-2201


CDC’s Office of Minority Health and Health Equity invites you to apply for this funding opportunity. Please visit the NOFO Resource Page for additional information. Questions regarding this opportunity should be sent to omhhe@cdc.gov. Please review the NOFO Questions and Answers below, or view the NOFO Questions and Answers PDF.

Notice of Funding Opportunity Questions and Answers

Answer: Each applying entity should submit only one application for this funding opportunity. If the entity wishes to apply for both Category A (Lewis Scholars Program) and Category B (Ferguson Fellowship), they will submit one application that consists of two sets of approach, narrative, work plan, organizational capacity demonstration, and budget information; the entity would submit one set for each Category.

Answer: There is no page limit for the application, nor any sections within the application.

Answer: There is no page limit for these awards, regardless of Category.

Answer: The logic model is included in the Approach section; it is shown in a table format on pages 5 and 6 of the PDF. The table is under 2. CDC Project Description, a. Approach. The table consists of the following columns: Strategies and Activities, Short Term Outcomes, Intermediate Outcomes, and Long-Term Outcomes.

Answer: You may use the logic model table in the announcement under the Approach section (on pages 5 and 6) as reference. You may also use your own logic model template.

Answer: The applicants are required to use the forms available in Grants.gov. The specific form indicates the appropriate content to include. You will navigate to the grant opportunity and select the “Apply” tab on the top right of the page. This will take you through the application sections. Items that you upload as attachments do not have templates.

Answer: The programs funded under this announcement will be available to any students interested in this opportunity. Program selection protocols will meet federal and public health ethics standards.

Answer: This is a national public health program. As such, applications are expected to comply with all the parameters and technical merit requirements indicated in the announcement. Reviews of applications will look for proposals that will significantly increase the availability of this educational opportunity to the largest number of interested students from diverse sociodemographic characteristics.

Answer: This opportunity is open to any organization that meets the application criteria and submits the application following are requirements. For more information on applying, including eligibility, please see page 22, C.1. Eligible Applicants within the announcement.

Answer: All funded award recipients are expected to have program activities in place within 6 months of the award funding period. Specific program details are developed in consultation with the CDC Project Officer post award.

Answer. Yes. It is up to the award recipient to recruit, select, train, and place mentors and preceptors. Rather than educational level of the mentor, programs should consider the capabilities of the individuals to provide a beneficial internship/fellowship experience that meets the expectations of the NOFO.

Answer. Please attach a risk questionnaire completed within the last 12 months. Only one questionnaire is needed.

Answer: Yes, these are suggested dates. However, Category A is an 8 – 10 week summer program, as described throughout the NOFO.

Answer: It is up to the award recipient and their organization to determine how to disperse stipends. Award recipients in the past have used direct deposit; however, CDC will not provide oversight nor management on how stipends are paid and through what mechanisms.

Answer. Yes, faculty support can be included in the budget. The salary cap for Fiscal Year 22 – through September 2022 – is $203,700.

Answer: Total costs.

Answer. 8%

Answer: For Category A, the average award is $709,000 and the ceiling is $850,800. For Category B, the average award AND ceiling is $1,265,000. If an applicant is awarded for BOTH Category A and Category B, the award ceiling is $1,974,000. Final award amounts will depend on the number of applicants funded.

Answer: The average award amount is $709,000 per year, including indirect costs, for Category A. The ceiling for Category A is $850,800. See page 21 of the PDF for funding information. Final award amounts will depend on the number of applicants funded.

Answer: For Category A, the average award is $709,000 and the ceiling is $850,800. See page 21 of the PDF for funding information. Final award amounts will depend on the number of applicants funded.

Answer: Bolded items on the logic model are expected performance outcomes for the first budget year. The other items on the logic model are intended to be achieved over the life of the award (5 years). Please refer to the evaluation criteria (p. 36) for guidance.

Answer: We realize there is conflicting information since the NOFO template includes boilerplate language. Page 13 is relevant when a data management plan is required (i.e., in cases when research is being conducted). For this award, a data management plan is not required as this is not a research NOFO.

Answer: CDC can’t speak to the NIH Other support page; that requirement is for a different agency and does not apply to this NOFO.

Answer: MOUs are not required to move forward to being objectively reviewed, evaluated, and scored. Please refer to the evaluation criteria in the NOFO on how applications will be evaluated and scored.

Answer: You may need to type the web address into your browser to properly access the PDF. If you are still having issues with accessing weblinks after doing so, please contact Dr. Michelle Roth, Project Officer, oqe7@cdc.gov.

Page last reviewed: August 5, 2022