Health Literacy

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Health literacy is important for everyone because we all need to be able to find, understand, and use health information and services. In 2018, CDC released a BRFSS report that highlights how limited health literacy affects many types of health conditions, diseases, situations, and outcomes, including health status and costs. Public health communicator and podcaster Christine Wilson sits down with Helen Osborne, host of the podcast, “Health Literacy Out Loud,” to discuss the concept of health literacy and its importance.

In the podcast, Christine Wilson and Helen Osborne talk about:

  • Health literacy is about understanding what is important to each person when giving and sharing health information
  • Communication needs can change over time such as when getting a new diagnosis, being in treatment, and living with a medical condition; and
  • Necessary skills include actively listening, asking critical questions, and having systems that allow sufficient time for good communication.

Listen to the entire podcast here.