Diversity and Inclusion Management

diverse group of CDC employees

About Diversity and Inclusion at CDC

CDC is an agency enriched by diverse cultural backgrounds and heritages. Diversity and inclusion are integral parts of the identity of the agency, from public health research, disease prevention and control efforts, to day-to-day management activities. At CDC, we are not only responsible for managing diversity and inclusion, but cultivating an environment of fairness, equity, and inclusion for everyone.

What is Diversity, Inclusion and Inclusive diversity?

Diversity is an appreciation and respect for the many differences and similarities in the workplace. This includes varied perspectives, approaches, and competencies of coworkers and populations we serve. At CDC, we define inclusion as a set of behaviors that encourages employees to feel valued for their unique qualities and experience a sense of belonging. Inclusive diversity is a set of behaviors that promote collaboration within a diverse group.

How does diversity and inclusion fit into CDC’s Office of Minority Health and Health Equity?

To be a truly effective public health agency, our workforce must continue to reflect the populations we serve. Diversity and inclusion drive innovation, creativity and improve performance. These improvements strengthen our work in public health promotion by eliminating health care disparities in underserved and minority communities and enhancing our work in disease prevention and control.

How is Diversity different from Equal Employment Opportunity?

CDC cannot have an inclusive work environment without the interrelated elements of Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity.

Equal Employment Opportunity
  • Eliminates discrimination in human resources policies and practices
  • Provides equal access and opportunity
  • Is legally mandated
  • Acknowledges, appreciates, and respects the many differences we recognize in each other, including the varied perspectives, approaches and competencies of those with whom we work and of the World population we serve.
Workforce Diversity
  • Provides the impetus and rationale for organizations to align, integrate, and leverage initiatives designed to ensure their success in the 21st century.
  • As a management philosophy, diversity emphasizes the importance of recognizing, respecting and appreciating individual differences and similarities in order to achieve a positive work environment where all employees have the opportunity to reach their full potential and maximize their contributions to the mission of CDC.
Page last reviewed: October 18, 2017