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This page lists feature stories (articles of interest to health consumers searching the internet), podcasts, videos, and print materials related to meningococcal disease and vaccination.


Web Feature

Meningococcal Vaccines for Preteens, Teens
Meningococcal disease is a very serious infection that vaccines can help prevent…
(Last updated: April 18, 2016)


Meningococcal Immunizations for Preteens and Teens
Listen To This Podcast (5:34 minutes)
This podcast provides information about vaccine recommendations to help prevent meningococcal disease in preteens and teens.
Date Released: 8/11/2015


Invasive Meningococcal Men Y Disease
Listen To This Podcast (7:21 minutes)
Dr. Leonard Mayer, a public health microbiologist at CDC, discusses invasive meningococcal disease.
Date Released: 4/23/2012

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CDC Programs

boy and girl

Preteen Vaccine Campaign

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CDC Commentary: Clarifying Meningococcal Booster Dose Recommendations
Release Date: 1/16/2012

In this video, Dr. Amanda Kohn explains the rationale behind CDC’s recommendation that adolescents receive a booster dose of meningococcal conjugate vaccine and answers frequently asked questions.
View this video (4:40 min)


CDC Commentary: Meningococcal Disease: Prevention, Diagnosis, and Management
Release Date: 3/22/2010

In this video, Dr. Henry Wu describes meningococcal disease and its signs and symptoms and explains how it can be prevented.
View this video (5:25 min)


Have You Heard About How To Prevent Meningococcal Disease?
Release Date: 8/11/2009

This video, featuring a meningococcal expert who is also a concerned mom, helps you learn more about meningococcal disease and how to prevent it.
View this video on CDC-TV or on YouTube (4:42 min)


Killer at college: meningococcal threatens students
Release Date: 3/22/2010

Watch a video from MSNBC about a college student who contracted bacterial meningococcal and survived.
Fight of her life (5:25 min)


CDC Responds to Meningitis in Burkina Faso
Release Date: 5/2/2011

Epidemics of bacterial meningitis in Africa can affect hundreds of thousands of people and kill many thousands. A CDC doctor describes how CDC has contributed to development of an inexpensive vaccine and is now working with partners to ensure it is used where needed most and evaluated for effectiveness.
View this video (3:13 min)

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Print Materials

Fact Sheet: Meningococcal Disease [2 pages]
This fact sheet describes common outcomes of meningococcal disease, a rare but very serious illness. It also describes who is at increased risk for getting this disease, how the bacteria that cause it spread, and recommendations for vaccination.


Meningococcal Disease Fact Sheet: What People Living with HIV Need to Know [2 pages]
This fact sheet describes common outcomes of meningococcal disease, a rare but very serious illness. People living with HIV are at increased risk for meningococcal disease and should get a meningococcal conjugate vaccine.


Meningococcal: Questions and Answers.
Immunization Action Coalition (IAC)
Meningococcal: Questions and Answers [3 pages]



National Meningitis Association’s Pre-Teen Vaccine Campaign
Posters and other tools

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Meningitis A
Meningococcal meningitis, serogroup A, is deadly, expensive and preventable…
(Date Released: 4/13/2017)