The CDC Final Investigation Update on Salmonella Infections in Live Poultry

Media Statement

For Immediate Release: Thursday, September 13, 2018
Contact: Media Relations,
(404) 639-3286

The CDC final investigation update of a multistate outbreak of Salmonella infections linked to contact with live poultry in backyard flocks has been posted


  • These outbreak investigations are over. However, people can still get a Salmonella infection from chickens and ducks, including those in backyard flocks.
  • A total of 334 ill people were reported from 47 states.
  • Fifty-six ill people have been hospitalized. No deaths have been reported.
  • Young children are especially affected; 21% of ill people are children under 5.
  • Illnesses started from February 15 to August 10, 2018.

General advice:

  • People can get sick from Salmonella from touching live poultry or their environment. Birds carrying the bacteria can appear healthy and clean.
  • Always wash hands thoroughly with soap and water right after touching live poultry or anything in their environment.
  • Don’t let children under 5 touch live poultry without adult supervision.
  • Set aside a pair of shoes to wear while taking care of your birds and keep those outside your home.
  • Don’t let live poultry inside the house, in bathrooms, or especially in areas where food or drink is prepared, served, or stored, such as kitchens or outdoor patios.

If you have further questions about this outbreak, please call the CDC media line at (404) 639-3286. If you have questions about cases in a particular state, please call that state’s health department.