CDC Emergency Operations Center activates to support response to Hurricane Harvey

Media Statement

For Immediate Release: Friday, September 1, 2017
Contact: Media Relations,
(404) 639-3286

CDC’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is now activated to bring together CDC staff to work efficiently in responding to public health needs in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and to deploy resources and personnel as requested.  Elements of CDC’s emergency response have been in place since August 25, 2017. However, as the need for resources has increased so has CDC’s need to increase the agency’s response.

CDC has deployed pharmacy supplies and six 250-bed medical stations. Two stations each are located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Houston and Dallas, Texas. The two medical stations in Houston are operational; the remaining four are at their respective locations and will be set up, if needed. As of September 1, 34 CDC staff members have been deployed including to Dallas and to Washington, DC, to serve as liaisons with other federal agencies.

The EOC is the command center for monitoring and coordinating CDC activities along with other U.S. government agencies to respond to public health threats, including drowning and floodwater safety, carbon monoxide poisoning, downed power lines, unsafe food and water, mold, and other health risks. CDC’s EOC coordinates with the HHS Secretary’s Operations Center in DC to ensure situational awareness and a cohesive public health and medical response.

Specific assistance that CDC staff offer includes recommendations related to:

  • General and medical shelter surveillance for infectious disease outbreaks
  • Public health messages and risk communication
  • Water, sanitation, safety evaluations for food/water
  • Mold abatement
  • Industrial contamination (HAZMAT) mitigation/abatement
  • Vector control/management from standing water

For more information about CDC and U.S. government activities after hurricanes and other tropical storms, including Hurricane Harvey go to:  and icon.

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